moon_raven2 (moon_raven2) wrote,

Still Right Here

Rating: PG13/FRT
Pairing(s): Reid/J.J. (with many complications)
Genre: angst/AU
Summary: In an AU where Reid is a scientist, and J.J. is a publicist, can Reid find the courage to fight for J.J. when she walks out on him?  Can famous author David Rossi overcome his own agenda and just be the shoulder J.J. needs?  And can J.J. find the safe harbor she needs?  Inspired by Kavi and Sienna's prompt "Doppelgangland" on, and further by Sienna's prompt-within-a-prompt.

Chapter 1: Hurt
Chapter 2: Reflections and Advice
Chapter 3: A Beacon
Chapter 4: Before
Chapter 5: After
Chapter 6: Moving On?

...more to follow...
Tags: cmffxstillrighthere, contents, fandom: criminal minds, genre: angst, genre: au, on-going, pairing(s): reidxjj

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