moon_raven2 (moon_raven2) wrote,

Outside, Looking In

Character: Prentiss
Prompt: cm_het_drabble 7/21 "dinner party"
Rating: FRT
Beta: chiroho 
Disclaimers/Notes: Don't own a thing.  Also, my first true drabble!

A golden swirl of bubbles in a sparkling crystal flute.
The glimmer of light off precious jewels at wrist, finger and throat.
Banal chatter.  Forced laughter.
A dark-haired child watches with the detachment of someone much older.
He, tall and distinguished, has the girl’s eyes.  She, petite and elegant, has the girl’s cool aplomb.
She whispers something in his ear, and they both laugh at their private, shared joke.
Outside, looking in.  Her parents’ world is not for her, and even at such a young age she knows it with a child’s fierce certainty. 

She lives for escape, and freedom.
Tags: character(s): prentiss, drabble, fandom: criminal minds

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