moon_raven2 (moon_raven2) wrote,

Going Wodwo

Rating: FRM/R (language and possible violence later on)
Character(s): Morgan/Prentiss
Genre: Mystery/AU
Summary: Morgan and Prentiss are big-city PIs barely scraping by when David Rossi's daughter calls and asks them to investigate the disappearance of her father nearly a year before.  He was leading a team that included Penelope Garcia and Spencer Reid into the Tennessee mountains to investigate traditional mountain folktales.  They were never found, but a video camera was.

Inspired by the Round 3 prompts on the Chit Chat on Author's Corner forum on  Prompts were Morgan/Prentiss, a camera, a tent, and marshmallows.

Chapter 1:  The Detectives
Chapter 2:  The Chief
Chapter 3:  The Meeting
Chapter 4:  The Town
Chapter 5:  The Matriarch
Chapter 6:  The Footage
Chapter 7:  The Plan
Chapter 8:  The Woods
Chapter 9:  The Dark
Chapter 10: The Still
Chapter 11: The Watcher
Chapter 12: The Family

...more to come...
Tags: character(s): morgan, character(s): prentiss, cmffxgoingwodwo, contents, fandom: criminal minds, genre: au

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