moon_raven2 (moon_raven2) wrote,

The Reaping

Rating: PG13/FRT
Character(s): general team
Genre: mystery/case fic
Prompt: Prompt by arwen_lalaith on cm_casefiles 
Beta: chiroho 
Summary: In a small Mississippi town, a man who believes he's doing God's work culls so-called witches from the herd.  The team is called in to investigate, and everyone is unnerved as events unfold.

Chapter 1:   How to Spot a Witch
Chapter 2:   A Brief BAU Road Trip
Chapter 3:   Earthshine
Chapter 4:   The Witches' Hammer
Chapter 5:   Lemonade with Buddy
Chapter 6:   FBI 0, God 4
Chapter 7:   Interview with a Preacher Man
Chapter 8:   An Unkindness
Chapter 9:   Dark Night, Mad Morning
Chapter 10: A Deed of Dreadful Note
Chapter 11: Expected Visitors
Chapter 12: Simple, Really

Tags: character(s): all, cmffxreaping, contents, fandom: criminal minds, genre: case fic

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