moon_raven2 (moon_raven2) wrote,

Musical Chairs

My contribution to the musical shuffle meme going around!

The Rules:

1. Pick a character,  fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever
2. Put your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs
3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier.  You only have the song length.  No pre-planning or writing after the song's over.  No skipping songs, either.
4. Do 10 songs and post.  Make sure to include the song name/artist.

Round 1
Round 2
Tags: character(s): all, cmffxmusicmeme, contents, fandom: criminal minds, pairing(s): hotchxhaley, pairing(s): hotchxjj, pairing(s): reidxprentiss

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