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Rating: PG13/FRT
Characters: Reid; OFC (no pairings)
Genre: case fic; AU
Timeline: between 2x17 "Distress" and 2x18 "Jones;" sequel to my story "Endgame"
Summary: Reid's drug habit has gotten out of control, and someone has to pay the price.  Meanwhile, in Florida couples are being abducted and given an ultimatum: Kill your lover and I'll let you go.

Prologue:    The End is a Beginning
Chapter 1:   Friends, Lovers - Lost
Chapter 2:   A Divot in the Sand
Chapter 3:   At Least You Still Care
Chapter 4:   What Spencer Said
Chapter 5:   Brooding On It
Chapter 6:   The Man in the Bathroom
Chapter 7:   Alone, Together
Chapter 8:   Screaming at the Stars
Chapter 9:   Ill With Want
Chapter 10: The Importance of Communication
Chapter 11: Discoveries and Plans
Chapter 12: Wounded; Saved; Redeemed?
Tags: character(s): reid, cmffxreckoning, contents, fandom: criminal minds, genre: au, genre: case fic, genre: drama, ofc

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