moon_raven2 (moon_raven2) wrote,


Rating: PG13/FRT
Characters: general team; OFC
Genre: case fic/AU
Summary: A woman from Gideon's past gets his endorsement for a spot on the team, with Hotch's deep reservations. Meanwhile, the Detroit PD receives a woman's severed leg in the mail. Introduces OFC Dr. Elliot Jackson.

Chapter 1: Nowhere Else to Go
Chapter 2: Pick a Number
Chapter 3: It's Freakin' Cold in Detroit
Chapter 4: Obsessions and Confessions
Chapter 5: A Good Theory
Chapter 6: A Poacher with a Temper
Chapter 7: A Better Theory
Chapter 8: Life Rarely Imitates Theatre of the Absurd
Chapter 9: Fin de Partie
Epilogue:  Above Ground
Tags: cmffxendgame, contents, fandom: criminal minds, genre: au, genre: case fic, ofc

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