The Dancing Princesses

Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Hotch/Prentiss
Genre: romance/AU
Summary: A retelling of "The Dancing Princesses" inspired by Sienna and Kavi's "Doppelgangland" prompt on ff.net.  Mostly sweetness and light, but with darker undertones.

Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time
Chapter 2: The Soldier and the Crone
Chapter 3: Dancing
Chapter 4: Contrasts
Chapter 5: What the Soldier Saw
Chapter 6: What the Princess Learned
Chapter 7: Happily Ever After

Still Right Here

Rating: PG13/FRT
Pairing(s): Reid/J.J. (with many complications)
Genre: angst/AU
Summary: In an AU where Reid is a scientist, and J.J. is a publicist, can Reid find the courage to fight for J.J. when she walks out on him?  Can famous author David Rossi overcome his own agenda and just be the shoulder J.J. needs?  And can J.J. find the safe harbor she needs?  Inspired by Kavi and Sienna's prompt "Doppelgangland" on ff.net, and further by Sienna's prompt-within-a-prompt.

Chapter 1: Hurt
Chapter 2: Reflections and Advice
Chapter 3: A Beacon
Chapter 4: Before
Chapter 5: After
Chapter 6: Moving On?

...more to follow...

Four Eighths

Rating: R(ish)/T/FRM
Pairing: Reid/Prentiss
Genre: Romance/Drama
Summary: Two members of the team have an unspoken "one night stand" arrangement every January eighth. What happens when their fourth eighth arrives and they're snowed in?  Inspired by Kavi and Sienna's tv episode title prompts on ff.net.

Chapter 1: Just One Night
Chapter 2: Into the Storm
Chapter 3: Not Yet Near Day
Chapter 4: A Taste of Something Fine
Chapter 5: Aftermath
Chapter 6: Uncharted Waters

The Sound of Snow

Rating: PG13/FRT
Character(s): Hotch/Prentiss
Genre: Angst/Friendship
Timeline: post "Demonology"
Summary: As "Demonology" closed, Prentiss was left standing alone in the snow.  What if someone followed her, and she wasn't alone after all?  Inspired by Kavi and Sienna's tv episode title prompts on ff.net.


Collapse )

Isn't It Wonderful?

Rating: PG13/FRT
Character(s): Hotch
Genre: Drama
Timeline: Post "100"
Summary: A retelling of It's a Wonderful Life; what would the world be like if Aaron Hotchner had never been born?  Inspired by Kavi and Sienna's tv episode title prompts on ff.net.

Chapter 1: A Wish
Chapter 2: Down the Rabbit Hole
Chapter 3: The Lawyer and the Hacker
Chapter 4: What He Wanted
Chapter 5: Why We Bother
Chapter 6: Places Like That
Chapter 7: Mighty Wings

Like No Other

Rating: PG13/FRT
Pairing: Hotch/Prentiss
Genre: Romance, mostly
Prompt: "Close your eyes."
Summary: Sequel to "Isn't It Wonderful?" inspired by the February prompt from criminal_prompt.  Six months later, Hotch finds himself pondering his strange meeting with the man named Clarence, and his new feelings for Emily Prentiss.

Chapter 1: From the Mouths of Babes...
Chapter 2: Close Your Eyes

Going Wodwo

Rating: FRM/R (language and possible violence later on)
Character(s): Morgan/Prentiss
Genre: Mystery/AU
Summary: Morgan and Prentiss are big-city PIs barely scraping by when David Rossi's daughter calls and asks them to investigate the disappearance of her father nearly a year before.  He was leading a team that included Penelope Garcia and Spencer Reid into the Tennessee mountains to investigate traditional mountain folktales.  They were never found, but a video camera was.

Inspired by the Round 3 prompts on the Chit Chat on Author's Corner forum on ff.net.  Prompts were Morgan/Prentiss, a camera, a tent, and marshmallows.

Chapter 1:  The Detectives
Chapter 2:  The Chief
Chapter 3:  The Meeting
Chapter 4:  The Town
Chapter 5:  The Matriarch
Chapter 6:  The Footage
Chapter 7:  The Plan
Chapter 8:  The Woods
Chapter 9:  The Dark
Chapter 10: The Still
Chapter 11: The Watcher
Chapter 12: The Family

...more to come...

The Reaping

Rating: PG13/FRT
Character(s): general team
Genre: mystery/case fic
Prompt: Prompt by arwen_lalaith on cm_casefiles 
Beta: chiroho 
Summary: In a small Mississippi town, a man who believes he's doing God's work culls so-called witches from the herd.  The team is called in to investigate, and everyone is unnerved as events unfold.

Chapter 1:   How to Spot a Witch
Chapter 2:   A Brief BAU Road Trip
Chapter 3:   Earthshine
Chapter 4:   The Witches' Hammer
Chapter 5:   Lemonade with Buddy
Chapter 6:   FBI 0, God 4
Chapter 7:   Interview with a Preacher Man
Chapter 8:   An Unkindness
Chapter 9:   Dark Night, Mad Morning
Chapter 10: A Deed of Dreadful Note
Chapter 11: Expected Visitors
Chapter 12: Simple, Really


Musical Chairs

My contribution to the musical shuffle meme going around!

The Rules:

1. Pick a character,  fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever
2. Put your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs
3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier.  You only have the song length.  No pre-planning or writing after the song's over.  No skipping songs, either.
4. Do 10 songs and post.  Make sure to include the song name/artist.

Round 1
Round 2